Marbling Madness is a freelance science communication outfit which attends shows and events around the South of England, providing educational fun workshops to stimulate both children and adults.  Marbling Madness does not charge any fees for attending these events as we believe the promotion of science should not come at a cost to festival organisers.



People who attend events can try a whole range of Marbling Madness workshops for free and learn about science whilst having fun. Costs are recovered by selling education kits to festival customers if they want to have some fun at home and are also funded by website sales so new products and events can be developed. Marbling Madness was set up and run by a chemist spare at home and also works closely with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), providing passion, innovation and science communication to enhance the promotion of science to the general public .


If you want to find out more about what we do then have a look around the site where you can find out about events we attend, what we do during work hours and what the RSC is all about too. You can also find out more about science communication and outreach work by visiting where you can now join without being a member of the RSC.  If you have an interest in science then sign up today !

Create a profile, search the groups section for the RSC Outreach group and join. You can then find out even more information on areas where Marbling Madness and the RSC are involved.